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Gift time!

Title: Ukrainian Bell Carol
Author: kazokuhouou
For: a_revolutionary

June 2010

There was that ‘ping ping ping’ again. It was beginning to get on Manfred von Karma’s nerves. He couldn’t concentrate on his newest case. Frustrated, he threw down his pen and stormed out, looking for the source of that noise and quashing it.

His search led him to the music room. Sitting at the piano bench, hunched over, plucking at a few notes was his ward, Miles Edgeworth. He should be at law school by now, but Franziska insisted that ‘little brother’ stay for one more Christmas, and Miles always caved in to his ‘sister’, despite Karma’s warnings against caving in, and Christmas being six months away.

No matter. What mattered was that Miles was the source of that noise, and Karma wanted it stopped.

“Stop that racket.”

Miles looked up and pulled his hands away. “I’m sorry, sir. I was just trying to figure out how to play.” Karma harrumphed and turned to go back to his study, but paused mid-step. Miles closed the piano and was about to get off the bench when Karma said, “Open it back up.”


“If you want to play, then I’ll teach you. Better than you just making random noise.” Karma sat down on the bench and motioned for Miles to join him. “This is middle C. All songs center around here.”


November 2010

“You’ve come along well, Miles,” Karma said as Miles played a song. He smiled and thanked Karma. Karma waved it off and looked out the window at the falling snow.

“Christmas is soon, correct?”

Miles nodded. “A little over a month away.”

Karma looked lost in thought for a minute. “I think you should learn a carol.” He scooted Miles off the bench and began to play a few measures of one song, only to reject it and try another. He carried on like this for a few minutes, before glancing at Miles.

“That expression, that position…” he murmured to himself. He began another song, and continued to play. Miles had the nagging feeling that he heard this before, but couldn’t remember where.

As the final four notes died down, Karma turned to Miles. “That is the ‘Ukranian Bell Carol’ although some people gave it the absurd name ‘Carol of the Bells’.”

“I’ve heard that somewhere…”

“I’m not surprised. Your father loved that carol.”

“My father?”

Karma nodded. “Every year, the prosecutors and defense attorneys would get together for a Christmas party-which I expect you to attend when you start practicing-and there was a piano for the more musically inclined. Every year without fail, your father would ask me to play that song. It made him happy, so I always did. He would stand much like you’re standing now and had this content smile on his face.” He rubbed his shoulder like he did every time he thought of Miles’s father. “I never understood why.”

Miles contemplated this for a minute. “I want to play it.”

Karma smiled. “Very well.”


December 2014

“Isn’t that…”

“It is.”

“Who would have thought the Demon Prosecutor would be such a talented pianist?”

“Didn’t von Karma play this song?”

“No wonder Edgeworth knows it then.”


“Von Karma used to play this for Gregory Edgeworth.”



Over at the piano, Miles finished playing the carol. He glanced over at von Karma, who nodded his approval.


December 30, 2016

Considering all that von Karma had done, instead of being thrown into the detention center, he was placed in house arrest while awaiting trial fro the murder of Gregory Edgeworth.

He was allowed one visitor at a time. As Franziska left, a bit bleary eyed, Miles walked in. Karma got up and walked to the window, turning his back on Miles.

"I have nothing to say to you, Miles."

"You MURDERED MY FATHER! And you have NOTHING to say to me?"

"Nothing I say will bring Gregory back. I regret my actions, but only so far as I got caught. I do not regret it for your sake. I tried to frame you for murder. What makes you think I have anything to say?"

"So the reason you took me in..."

"To make your defeat that much more painful." He began to walk toward the piano.

"You were like a father to me, Manfred. And it was all a lie for petty revenge. You disgust me." Miles turned to leave, but stopped when the first measures of 'Ukrainian Bell Carol' began to play.

"Do you remember when I taught you this song?” Miles nodded. "I think that was the only time I didn't think of how I was ruining you. That was the only time I truly enjoyed your company."

Miles stared. He appeared to be mulling it over, and possibly show Karma some degree of forgiveness, but his face grew sour. "You still disgust me." He left.


December 25, 2021

“Nick, get off!” Maya Edgeworth (nee Fey) said, pushing Phoenix Wright off the piano bench. “Miles should get to play! It’s his piano!”

“You just want him to show off,” Phoenix responded cheerfully.


“All right, Maya, all right. I’ll play a song.” He began playing a song.

“Oh, I know this song!” Larry’s latest girlfriend Ottilie chimed in. “Hark how the bells, sweet silver bells, all seem to say, throw cares away….” As Larry came in with “ding, dong, ding, dong” and Maya joined in the melody, Phoenix looked at Miles playing the piano.

He wondered why Miles looked so melancholy playing this song.

I will be taking up another gift. Because I can.

Also, can I please post this at Court Records and igiari?
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Wow, this is a lovely gift. I love it, how it makes things bittersweet between Miles and Manfred :< Like how you gave him that he's also human and has a heart though it's not really that prevalent. I'm sure the receiver will love this too!