The Great Madman (kazokuhouou) wrote in secretsaiban,
The Great Madman

For silverwind9

Blood Red

It slid a bit as it landed on Lana Skye's desk. A blue box, tied with a black ribbon. Lana stared at it a bit, then looked up at the thrower.

"What's this, Gant?"

"A birthday present. Isn't that obvious, Lana?"

Lana narrowed her eyes. "How did you find out today was my birthday?"

"I have my ways," Damon Gant said with that enigmatic smile he had. "Now open it."

Lana shook her head as she untied the ribbon and lifted the lid.

Inside was a muffler. It was red, but a specific shade of red. One that Lana couldn't think of at the moment.


"Do you not like it?"

"No, it's...I'm just touched, that's all."

Gant clapped joyfully. "I knew you would like it! Here, let me put it on you!"

"No, wait..." But Gant had already taken the muffler and draped it against Lana's shoulders.

"It looks perfect on you!"

"Does it?"

"Yes! Now come on. We've got an awards ceremony to attend."

As they left, Lana mused, "I wonder who will be King of Prosecutors this year."

"Well, you didn't hear it from me, but Neil Marshall's going to be one happy guy..."


Blood red. That was the color. That's what Lana thought as she wrapped the SL-9 evidence in her muffler.

Gant gave her a blood red muffler.

Permission to post this on my LJ and Court Records, pretty please.
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