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A gift!

To: croik
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I actually got kind of nervous when I saw who I'd be writing for. I really hope you like this. :) It's called "Puppy Love." - I stink at titles. *^^*

Miles Edgeworth had never, ever been a pet person. He would tell you that himself if you could work up the nerve to ask him - dogs needed exercise and regular use of a Pooper-Scooper, he was allergic to cats, hamsters were boring, and while he had tried keeping an aquarium once, the next day, all the fish had gone belly-up, and he'd quietly disposed of all the evidence.

But that was then, he thought, reaching over to scratch Pess, the Shiba Inu next to him right behind the ears. I couldn't be without this little guy now.

And he thought back to that day, several months earlier...

The Criminal Affairs Department had been all abuzz the day the new police dogs were scheduled to arrive. "We're getting 3 of them, all brothers! I tell you, pal, these guys are gonna make all our lives easier," Detective Dick Gumshoe had told Edgeworth as they left the briefing for the case they were working on together at the time. It was an open-and-shut case - they had 3 eyewitnesses and a signed confession from the defendant - and Phoenix Wright was, (Thankfully, Edgeworth muttered to himself) for once, not the defense. Everyone involved knew it was the kind of case the new trial system was tailor-made for, and as such, they felt quite at ease as they moved from the conference room and into the large open work area.

Just at that moment, Gumshoe's cell phone rang. "What? They're here? Great, pal, I'll be right over!" He turned to the prosecutor. "Edgeworth, pal, I know you've been sayin' forever that you're not a dog guy. But are you sure you don't want to meet these guys? I mean, pal, they are gonna be important investigation tools, and you've always said how important a good investigation tool can be to a case. So, how about it?"


"Oh, c'mon, pal! 5 minutes, and then you can go back to the Prosecutor's Office."

"...oh, all right. If I must, as you're being quite insistent about this. They are going to be investigation tools, after all, and that is eminently important."

The two of them then walked over to the small department kennel, where the police dogs were being kept. But, as usual, Gumshoe's information was just a little off. Indeed, the Police Department was getting 3 dogs, but they weren't all going to Criminal Affairs. One of the three Shiba Inu puppies - the largest of the three - would be going over to the Missing Persons Department, where it would be trained as a rescue dog.

The middle-sized dog, named Missile, would, indeed be going to Criminal Affairs, where it would be trained to track a criminal's scent, among other things. Gumshoe smiled brightly at the puppy in its cage. As if on cue, he barked and ran to the front of the cage, standing on his back paws and wagging his tail. "Hiya, Missile, pal! Who's gonna be the best police dog ever? Who? You are! Oh, come on, Mr. Edgeworth, even you have to admit that he's cute."

Edgeworth peered into the cage. If you looked at him closely for just a moment, you could see a smile, but as quickly as the moment happened, it passed. "Yes, I'm sure he'll make a fine addition to the force."

Gumshoe turned away from the cage and looked around. There were supposed to be three dogs, weren't there? "You said three puppies arrived, right, pal? I only see two here in the kennel," Gumshoe said to the officer in charge. "That's correct, Detective, three did arrive. The third one, though...well, he's the runt of the three, and he's not doing so hot. He's at the vet's. I've got the address, if you want to go check on him," he replied.

"If you want to go, Detective, that's fine. I'm going to go back to the Prosecutor's Office now; the dog that Criminal Affairs is getting will be more than up to his task, I'm sure," Edgeworth said as he turned to leave.

"Mr. Edgeworth? Actually, the vet's office is on the way to the Prosecutor's Office. I wouldn't normally ask you for a favor like this, you know that, pal, but, well, don't guess you can give me a ride? My car's in the shop, and I've had to take the bus in to work since then, and I can just take it back from there."

"...If it's on the way, I suppose I can do that, Detective." I guess he's got a soft spot for dogs, the prosecutor thought as the two of them walked out to his car.

Twenty minutes later, they pulled up in front of the city's largest veterinary clinic. "Thanks, pal. I appreciate this. You sure you don't want to come in too? After all, he's gonna be a police dog, too, little or not," Gumshoe said as he stepped out of the car.

"That's quite all right, Detective Gumshoe. I have a case to prosecute tomorrow, and I really must be getting back to work on it now," Edgeworth replied. "I'll see you at the trial tomorrow, then," he added, beginning to roll up the driver's side window of the car.

Gumshoe nodded, knowing when he couldn't win. "All right, pal. See you then," he said, turning away and heading inside.

The next morning, Edgeworth stood in Prosecution Lobby #2, mentally reviewing his notes for the day's proceedings. "Good morning, Mr. Edgeworth," Gumshoe said, without his usual good cheer.

"Good morning, Detective," the prosecutor replied. "I take it you've already reviewed the case file for this trial?"

"Well, I glanced at it..." He paused for a minute before continuing. "I hate to dump on you, but, bad news at the vet's yesterday, pal. The dog's gonna be fine, but he's not gonna be up to the rigorous training we'd need to put him through to be a member of the force. The vet said the best thing we could do is find him a home - he'd make a great pet. Don't guess you know anyone who's looking?"

"I...will keep that in mind, and let you know if I should come across anyone." At that moment, the bailiff gestured that it was time to begin. Edgeworth nodded, and both men proceeded into the courtroom.

Three hours later, the trial was complete, and as he had expected, Edgeworth had obtained a guilty verdict. He packed his briefcase and headed out to his car, ready to make the short drive back to the Prosecutor's Office. But there was a niggling thought in the back of his head. It wasn't like him at all, but the police dog he'd seen yesterday had gotten to him a bit.

He reached for his cell phone and dialed Gumshoe's number. "Detective? I don't suppose you've found a home for the Twenty minutes. Yes, that's fine."

Punctual as always, twenty minutes later Edgeworth drove into the veterinary clinic's parking lot. Gumshoe was waiting at the door. "He's right in here, pal...hey, wait. I thought you were bringing someone with you?" He broke into a grin. "Mr. Edgeworth, for all your talk, I never thought I'd see the day. You?"

"Well, I'll have to meet him first. What's his name?"

"The vet tech named him Pess. She thought it was cute, and I guess he answers to it by now. I think you could change it, if you wanted, but..."

Pess. It does have a ring to it, Edgeworth thought as they walked over to the cage. This time, neither of them had to talk to the dog to get it to respond; though small, Pess was lively, and walked up and stood on his hind legs too, wagging his tail just as vigorously as his brother had. He then turned his head to one side and looked directly at the prosecutor, the tail wags stopping for just a moment. Pess blinked and barked, the tail wags starting even more vigorously than before.

And that same brief smile from the day before played across Edgeworth's lips as he asked, "When can I take him home?"
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